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Explaining Vitaros cream

Let us start by saying that erectile dysfunction is a real problem and can be caused by several factors in your life such as stress, intense alcohol consumption, anxiety, fatigue, excessive smoking, etc. Vitaros cream can be the solution as it contains alprostadil (active ingredient), a famous medicine used to treat impotence. Alprostadil will enter directly in the corpus cavernosum, increasing the blood flow to the penis. The result is a healthier and long lasting erection.

Vitaros cream is available in 200 and 300 mg of alprostadil. Nevertheless, the correct dosage will be determined by your doctor. This product should be applied one time per day and no more than 2-3 times per week.

Price of Vitaros and where to buy:
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An online doctor consultation means filling out a medical questionnaire. A registered EU doctor assesses your medical questionnaire and analize whether Vitaros is suitable and safe for you to buy. After approval, a prescription is issued and send to the registered EU pharmacy. You will receive your discretely shipped Vitaros pills within 3 business days.