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Quit aids vs. Cold Turkey

Cold turkey is a term used to describe quitting smoking without the help of a quit aid. It is the most difficult quit method, initially, in terms of nicotine withdrawal. And the rate of success for cold turkey quitters is low. However, for some people it works. If you think you fall into that category prepare for the ups and downs that will come during the first few weeks of cessation. That said, there are a variety of quit aids like Champix and Zyban available today that allow new ex-smokers to minimize the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal or avoid them altogether. There is no shame in using an aid to help you stop smoking and, in fact, doctors today often recommend a combination of quit aids and counseling as the best approach to stop smoking. Choosing the quit aid you'd like to use is largely a matter of choice, barring a medical condition that might make one or another a better fit for you. Have a discussion with your doctor or other healthcare professional about quit aids before you make a decision.

How to quit smoking in 5 days

On the first day, you need to start the alarm half an hour earlier than usual, drink a couple of glasses of water, and then take a shower. Breakfast should be exclusively fruit or drink fruit juice. After breakfast, do some breathing exercises. Each time there is a desire to smoke, immediately interrupt it by drinking 2-3 glasses of water or juice, also do not forget to perform breathing exercises. And of course, you need to avoid the company of smokers. You can have lunch with soup, vegetable stew or salad, as well as eat a pie with jam and drink the juice. Just after lunch, you just need to take a walk. For dinner, you can eat something light. It is also advisable not to sit at the TV, not to use upholstered furniture and not to drink alcohol.

On the second day, you need to drink 2-3 glasses of water on an empty stomach, and then perform breathing exercises. For breakfast, again only fruits or juices, and after breakfast, you should take a walk to work or walk at least part of the way. The remaining day is the same as on the first day. The periodic desire to smoke should be extinguished by breathing exercises and water (juice).

The third day is no different from the previous two, except that the desire to inhale smoke arises less and less. But it is also necessary to strengthen the will in patience to get rid of a bad habit.

On the fourth day, the craving for smoking often disappears, but the previous diet should not be violated.
On the fifth day, you will be completely satisfied with the result, and also gain confidence in the strength of your own free will. On this day, continue to follow the diet of the previous days.

Way to quit smoking number 1

There are many myths about what and how to do to quit smoking, starting from the most stupid - through strength and ending with all kinds of plasters and chewing gums. This is not only a waste of valuable time - it is depriving oneself of energy, since the process of throwing is unnatural and plus the loss of pleasure directly from smoking itself, which also leads to a loss of energy. So it is impossible to achieve a result. It needs to be done in a completely different way. Whereas?

Here in this place, stop a little, stop thinking, close your eyes, sit back and relax. Sit like this for a few minutes and listen to yourself - does the read paragraph find a response within you? If so, you can read on. If not, tune in to the inner meaning of the text without thoughts, it is very important not to think about it. So you tuned, what next?

And then this is what - you can believe, or you may not believe it, but there can be no physical dependence on smoking! That is, it can be such only for those who have convinced themselves of this! Why is it highlighted? Because, in fact, it was not you who convinced yourself, but your consciousness, which is interested in this ...
What is the division into "you" and "not you"? Everything is very simple - you are the superconscious (perception) and the subconscious (awareness), and consciousness is NOT YOU! And this is not nonsense. I cannot provide such a large amount of information in this article, therefore I recommend reading the 10th book of Carlos Castaneda on this subject - everything about consciousness and its nature is very well described. Also close to the topic of conversation is Osho meditation - there are many links on this topic on the Internet, I will not provide them here.

Ask yourself a question - WHY do you smoke? Answers in the style of relieving stress are not accepted - these are tricks of consciousness. In the process of finding an answer to this question, consciousness can “overload” and, as a result, “freeze”. This means that it is YOUR time to answer this question! So give it! It will be “written” as a template and ... you yourself will not want to smoke! Sounds fantastic? BUT IT IS SO! Any action of consciousness is a template. Here the principle of "wedge by wedge is kicked out." You have made a NEW template for that template - consciousness "reads" information from new data and does it in a new way

But there are nuances. You need to very clearly identify those moments where the subconscious tells you (on a sensual level), and where it tries to insert something into consciousness (on a mental level). Ignore any thoughts (emotions) - these are attempts of consciousness to confuse you. Keep calm. Remember - everything must be done naturally - this is the key. Follow these steps (or, for example, along with Osho meditation) until you suddenly realize that smoking is simply NOTHING for you. You will definitely succeed!

Way to quit smoking No. 2

How to quit smoking? If you REALLY want to quit smoking, you must first grow up immediately! Perhaps smoking is just a reflection of your maximalist and somewhat irresponsible outlook on life. If you smoke to calm down after "bad luck", think, why are you unlucky? Maybe because you again do not know how to foresee the consequences of your actions? Therefore, it is possible that you can get rid of a cigarette more easily if you change the approach to life in general.

If you want someone from your household to quit smoking, stop patronizing him. After all, if you think about it (no offense, but having assessed the situation in detail), then you probably treat this member of the family as a small child. Even, for example, persuade or force him to quit smoking. But do not force: let yourself be responsible for your health. Another thing is if his smoking harms you - then without hesitation drive the smoker to the balcony, to the corridor, etc.
Perhaps it will help you quit smoking a worsening of your well-being - especially if you start frankly losing money from frequent illnesses.

An easy way to quit smoking is the need to protect your health and in particular your brain. When the intellect becomes more expensive than a cigarette, this is enough to part with it painlessly or to start smoking less. In general, when a person has something in his life that he is sorry to sacrifice for a cigarette, then it will be easier for him to find ways to quit smoking or to smoke much less.

There are, of course, ways to quit smoking for the more weak-willed (one of the smokers called them "childish", but as we found out, this is the only way to approach those who smoke). Say, if you decide to quit smoking, take a cardboard box the size of a pack of your favorite cigarettes, write on it everything that smoking harms YOU, and stick to the aforementioned pack. Thus, whenever you take out cigarettes, you remember how they are harmful to you ...

And all sorts of anti-nicotine chewing gum and plasters, as a rule, bring little benefit: at least because they do not satisfy all the needs of the smoker already listed - in particular, the same sucking reflex or communication function.

In any case, if you decide to quit smoking, keep in mind that for this you need to make some efforts, there are no really easy ways to quit smoking. Not a single "good uncle" can heal you beyond your desire and without your active participation. Some methods can temporarily remove the craving for nicotine (again, without solving all the problems), you can approach the issue from the standpoint of "insurance therapy" (the infamous coding), but this is not for long. Because not a single person quits smoking until he himself realizes why he needs it.

And in vain, many smokers believe that at any time they can quit their habit. There it was! Mark Twain also noted that "quitting smoking is very easy - I personally quit seventy-two times!" Therefore, before grabbing a cigarette, you should think about how you will later wean it. Although, again, the one who knows how to think about tomorrow (and is old enough for this) - he will never start smoking at all!

The way to quit smoking No. 3

It is not as hard as you think. As soon as you begin to be honest with yourself and consider the facts related to your smoking, you will enjoy removing the addiction from your life.
2. Decide on your smoking habit.  Look at her and find out her size. Ask yourself what she does for you; then ask yourself what she is not doing for you. You can start with the ends of the hair and go all the way to the ends of the nails. It is a medical fact that smoking affects every organ of the human body, damaging it.
3.  Look at quitting smoking as a gift to yourself - a very valuable gift. You give yourself a better quality of life and, very possibly, a longer life. You give yourself a healthier body. And you give yourself higher self-esteem. Pack it all and look at the package as a gift, which it really is, and then "Go ahead, follow it!"
4. Set a date. Make a commitment. Make a try. Remember, this is normal if you do not succeed the first time. Just keep trying. The only way you can free yourself is to keep trying.
5. Do not treat it as if you were leaving something. This can then seem like a very big loss. In fact, you are throwing out of your life that which has harmed you and is no longer needed. You throw out the trash. You no longer allow your lungs to serve as an urn for nicotine and tar.
6. Keep a positive attitude. After all, this is one of the most positive actions you have ever taken.
7. Stop smoking for yourself. Even if your family and loved ones get tremendous benefits as a result of stopping smoking, you will get the biggest benefits yourself.
8. Treat smoking cessation with the respect that it actually deserves. Prepare to erase smoking from your life at all costs. If you do not want this, pray for such a desire. This usually helps.
9. Find out the meaning of the word “nicotine” in the dictionary, and write down the definition in capital letters: “POISONAL ALKALOID USED AS AN INSECTICIDE”. Hang it where you can often see.
10. Do not say “I have to use my chance” while continuing to smoke. This chance does not belong to us. We ourselves did not give ourselves life, and we do not have the right to “use the chance” to destroy it. This is the work of God.
11. Do not fool yourself, saying that now you have too many difficulties in life to quit smoking. If you smoke, this is a difficulty in itself - a difficulty that causes very strong pressure. Every day is a game, and your life is a bet in this game. If you remove nicotine from your life, it will be easier to cope with other difficulties. You will feel better about yourself and you will have more energy. You will accomplish something more significant than all the money and material values ‚Äč‚Äčthat you can ever have. You give yourself something that no one else can give you. You will never be pressured again by being a smoker.
12. Do not use the fact that you can gain weight to justify your smoking. Even if you recover a little, the fact that you will become more active and able to exercise more will be able to withstand further weight gain.  Remember, this overeating, not stopping smoking, causes weight gain.
13. Plan things that will keep you from thinking about nicotine. Sometimes our brains become our worst enemies. They can tell us that we need a cigarette, giving almost any argument that is suitable at the moment. For example, if we go to the cinema and sit in the non-smoking section, chew the popcorn or sip lemonade, we occupy our brain with this and get a respite. Go to museums and other places where smoking is prohibited. Go swimming, it’s also a good idea.
14. Stop smoking only today and think only about the current part of the day. "I will not smoke until noon," "I will not smoke before three o’clock. Sometimes just do it for just one hour. This is much easier than trying to stop smoking forever.
15. Do not become the subject of smoking situations. If you come in contact with someone who smokes, say to yourself: “He smokes a cigarette that I could smoke,” then feel thankful that it’s not you who smoke it.
16. Until you smoke. Think of it as a contribution. As soon as you don’t smoke for an hour, you bring this hour into the process of becoming a healthier person. Now, bring in another hour. Continue to make contributions hour after hour. Your investment will grow and become more valuable every hour. You will see and feel the rewards from these investments more and more. Protect and guard them as if it were a treasure.
17. Become good with yourself. This is the beginning of a new lifestyle for you and you are the most important person here. Treat yourself with respect and love and remember that you no longer fill your system with poison every few minutes. Breathe in the fresh air and breathe in deeply. Smell varied and wonderful smells. Start spending time in nature. Many new sensations await you.
18. Do not be angry too much. When we get angry, our minds tell us that we need a cigarette to survive this feeling. Until your brain learns that in order to cope with anger, you don’t need a cigarette, try to avoid situations that can upset you. Avoid talking to certain people who can annoy you. If you have a lot of stress at work, try to get a few days off. If you are unable to get time off, stop smoking on weekends. As much as possible, try not to get into situations such as traffic jams. Take the necessary precautions. Anger can be very destructive.
19. Do not allow hunger. It is amazing how our minds tell us that everything is bad when in fact we just need to eat.
20. Do not overwork. With fatigue, we easily become irritated, and when we are irritated, our mind will tell you that a cigarette can help. Our resistance will weaken, and then we can easily say: "Well, well, I guess I will smoke."
21. Do not allow loneliness. It's nice to meet several people who go through the same thing. By attending meetings of Anonymous Smokers, you can get the phones of such people.
22. You can remember these four important things with the word “HALT” (the first letters of the words “hunger”, “anger”, “loneliness” and “fatigue” in English). If you feel the need for a cigarette, check it out. Make sure you are not experiencing any of these four sensations.
23. Avoid boredom and idleness. It is very difficult to just sit and not smoke. Get busy. Find yourself an activity that you like. Walking on a bicycle, hiking, swimming, exploring new places, visiting new restaurants. It's time to forgive yourself.
24. Find something to keep your hands occupied. We used to hold a cigarette; smoking cessation may mean a loss to the hands. Hold the little rubber ball. It is also good to play with dough or plasticine.
25. Have with you something suitable to put in your mouth. Lollipops or any slowly absorbable sweets are suitable. Cured meats and lemonade can also help. Avoid oily foods. Like cookies. They chew quickly and overwhelm you. You can experiment, even if you still smoke, to find out what reduces cravings. If the candies help, stock up on them. Warning: do not use this method of replacing cigarettes for a long time.
26.  If you always smoke over a cup of coffee, do not drink coffee until you stop smoking.
27.  Do not drink alcohol while you stop smoking. As soon as alcohol enters your body, your ability to resist is greatly reduced.
28. Remember that the discomfort that you may experience up to two weeks will definitely end and you won’t have to experience it again.
29. Pat yourself on the shoulder often. What you do is not an easy task. It takes a lot of courage to stop smoking.
30. If you feel pain from abstinence, let her stay in your memory for a long time. So that it can serve as a reminder of how strong the drug is nicotine, and how much it hooked you.
31. Remember every minute that when you inhaled a cigarette, it inhaled by you. They sucked the life out of you. Do not give them anything else.
32. Avoid the trap of self-pity. As soon as we begin to feel self-pity, our mind tells us that we deserve cigarettes to improve our condition.
33. Remember, if you keep trying, you will win. This is a fight between good and evil and the odds are in your favor.
34. Before quitting smoking, plan your business for the first few days after you quit. This is a way to avoid having to make different decisions when you abstain. Making decisions without a cigarette can be difficult at first.
35. If you are not going to stop right now, start reducing the number of cigarettes smoked. If you smoke two packs a day, then by removing one cigarette daily for a month, you will smoke only ten cigarettes a day. Some people, however, find decline as difficult as cessation.
36. Drink plenty of fluids to more actively remove the poison from the body. Orange juice is good because nicotine lowers the vitamin C content in our body.
37. Remember, this first cigarette leads to the resumption of smoking. Just one is enough. The one you don’t have. You can turn off by lighting this one just for a minute. DO NOT be fooled by the thought that you can start and stop smoking when you want. You can not. Many people made such an attempt and lived the rest of their lives, never again experiencing freedom from nicotine.
38. More often remind yourself of the changes that you notice in yourself. For example: two breaths no longer smell like a dirty ashtray, Your teeth begin to lose yellow color and become clean and white, there are no tobacco stains on your fingers, this terrible smoker's cough goes away, the ability to smell and taste returns, your physique begins to mend, your attitude towards it’s getting better for yourself because you really care about yourself.
39. Share the experience. Whenever you have the opportunity to transfer your experience, strength, and hope to another smoker, do it. This act of transmission will increase your chances of staying clean of nicotine and give strength to your program. This is a great reward to help someone gain freedom from this dangerous substance.
40. Create an existing program. Do not conclude that everything is behind because you have not smoked for several weeks. Nicotine is very cunning. Continue attending Meetings of Anonymous Smokers. If there are no groups where you live, help create them. It is very simple. Need a place to get together and a few interested people.