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Acne & Wrinkles

For many people, Skincare is an important daily ritual. Inner and outer beauty are strongly connected. A healthy body is a beautiful body. Besides taking proper care of your health, good skin care allows you to give your appearance that little-added extra. There are several skincare products for common skin conditions that both men and women have. The medicinal and skincare products listed here are for severe Acne, Wrinkles, Scars and Skin Pigmentation.

10 Tips for perfect skin

Perhaps every girl dreams of perfect face skin. Clean, smooth, radiant health. And often it seems to us that achieving this is unrealistic. But, fortunately, this is not so! Perfect skin requires effort: changing the diet, lifestyle, using the right cosmetics for care and many other conditions. However, the result is worth the effort and time! 
We have collected for you a few simple rules for face care, thanks to which you can noticeably get closer to the skin of your dreams:

1. Drink more water.

We all know very well how important it is to drink enough water per day. But, unfortunately, few really follow this vital rule. But for our skin, water plays one of the key roles on the path to ideal. Water normalizes the metabolism in the body, removes toxins, helps digest beneficial substances, and also cleanses our skin from the inside, saturates it with moisture and prevents dehydration.

2. Try to eat right.

Another obvious but very important tip. The beauty of our skin depends on the diet. It is very important to include a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, meat, and fatty fish, as well as try to reduce the consumption of flour, fatty, sweet, spicy and spicy. Excessive consumption of coffee and black tea impair the complexion.

3. Do not touch your face with your hands during the day.

During the day, we touch thousands of different objects indoors and outdoors, and even thorough washing our hands does not eliminate bacteria 100%. In the meantime, if you often touch your face with your hands, you can easily provoke the appearance of acne.

4. Remove hair from the face.

Is it worth talking about the huge number of bacteria that are on our hair? Therefore, it is especially worth paying attention to the bangs, because it has direct contact with the skin of the face. If it is not enough to carefully monitor the condition of the bangs, acne on the forehead may well appear due to it.

5. Do not dry the skin.

Some products for problematic skin can be quite aggressive, and their use can lead to overdrying, peeling and skin irritation. Choose the right cosmetics, which includes the main stages of face care: cleansing, toning and moisturizing and containing natural ingredients that prevent overdrying, such as chamomile in  Face Lotion Perfect skin.

6. Use scrubs with caution.

Scrubs are a well-known tool for perfect skin. However, a scrub with large particles of an irregular, pointed shape can significantly damage delicate skin. It is especially worthwhile to approach the choice of scrub not only for sensitive but also for problematic skin, which also needs gentle cleansing. Prefer delicate scrubs and peels, such as 5-in-1 Perfect Skin. Small-sized scrubbing particles, coal in the composition and the versatility of this tool make it simply an indispensable assistant!

7. Use a sponge to wash your face.

Beauticians advise to wash off all foaming cleansers with a special cosmetic sponge. With its help, you better remove from the face not only dirt but also the remnants of the detergent itself, as well as dead skin cells.

8. Use an ice cube to tone.

Decoctions of chamomile, St. John's wort, a succession of ice cubes provide excellent facial care. Additional “washing” with iced broth tones the skin and helps prevent acne. Wipe your skin with frozen decoctions after using face cleansers.

9. Wash pillows, towels, and pillowcases regularly.

As well as other textile things that often come in contact with the face for a long time (scarves, hats). Our face comes into contact with the pillowcase almost all the time during sleep, so it is very important that it is clean. Change them at least once a week. The same goes for face towels. On its villi, particles of dead skin cells remain, which create a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria.

10. Use a cream with SPF protection.

Sun protection creams are needed not only in the summer but also at any other time of the year when going out. Ultraviolet rays have an adverse effect on the skin, causing premature wrinkles and age spots. Creams with a mild roofing effect, such as BB cream, will help protect your skin from troubles. Perfect skin with 10 SPF protection.

Perfect skin is, first of all, your good mood and the right face care products. The clean line has developed a line of cosmetics with natural ingredients that meet the individual needs of the skin of various types.

25 Things that harm the skin

We, as always, are for beauty and health, therefore we are again talking about unknown facts about the skin and about what harms it.

  • One of the most dangerous things for facial skin is a dirty pillowcase. A huge amount of bacteria, dirt and your own old cells accumulate on it. This is a real biological bomb, so do not forget to defuse it at least once every two weeks.
  • A constant change of skin cosmetics is worse than any horror movie. Not having time to get used to one composition, she was forced to immediately adapt to the new. So allergies are not far to earn.
  • Protect your skin from hair styling products. They include substances that not only clog pores but practically seal them, preventing sweat from freely secreting.
  • Too frequent eyebrow correction can also cause skin damage. By pulling out the hairs, you create micro ranges, so do not forget to wipe the treated area with a disinfecting lotion after the session. Also, remember that the wounds must have time to heal between procedures.
  • Do not store clothing in plastic cases or bags. Yes, you may save it from dust, but the skin won’t say thanks. The longer the plastic and clothing come into contact, the more harmful chemicals penetrate the tissue, and there it is not far from inflammation and other infections.
  • Remember the sunny days. You are driving in a car (it doesn’t matter, driving or as a passenger), and here one half of the body is in the shade and the other under scorching rays. After all, of course, you used a tanning remedy? And, of course, you know that his absence, in this case, will lead to a sunburn?
  • A heart-to-heart conversation with a girlfriend on a cell phone can be a big problem for skin health. It's all about bacteria that accumulate on the tube. Do not forget to periodically wipe your portable friend with antibacterial wipes. Still, where he just didn’t lie (Dangerous connections: 5 problems that a smartphone creates to your skin).
  • No office can do without air conditioning, so in order not to turn the skin into wrinkled raisins, stock up on water and moisturizers. After all, air conditioning dries the skin better than any hairdryer.
  • Passive smoking is no better than active, it causes the same wrinkles and premature aging.
  • For a couple of days, refuse makeup, give the skin the opportunity to breathe and relax in order to prevent the appearance of signs of aging.
  • Remember the lips. They also need hydration and care. Use special creams, not the ones that come handy. You do not smear your cheeks with foot cream?
  • Remember to wipe your sunglasses. Bacteria that accumulate on them can cause irritation and a rash on the bridge of the nose.
  • Waxing is a  traumatic procedure, after which the skin must be given at least three weeks to recover. So try to increase the interval between trips to hair removal, so that later you do not have problems with ingrown hairs and other not very aesthetic things (we mean acne).
  • Scrubs and scrubs are tough and designed to exfoliate keratinized cells, therefore, they should be used infrequently. Otherwise, the skin will not have time to recover, and you will simply scratch it.
  • An excessive amount of salt in your diet leads to a violation of the water balance, which means dry skin, which, like us, cannot live without water.
  • Remember to check your vision every year. Frowning again, trying to see something important, you once again strain your facial muscles and create new wrinkles.
  • Starvation harms the skin no less than the stomach. Lack of vitamins and minerals leads to a dull complexion and loss of elasticity.
  • A long hot shower may be pleasant to you, but not to your skin. Elastic burning streams of water wash out the top layer of the epidermis, which leads to itching, peeling, and dryness.
  • Chlorinated pool water is our worst enemy. Everyone knows about this, but for some reason, they continue to neglect the rules of hygiene. Be sure to take a shower after a swim using super-foaming shower gels and a good soap.
  • Obviously, sleeping with makeup is a terrible dream of any enlightened girl, but we will perhaps briefly explain again why. Bacteria, clogged pores, inflammation, acne, too much spending on cosmetology and therapeutic ointments.
  • Dehydration, coupled with caffeine, leads to an accelerated appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, either drink 2 liters a day or limit yourself to a small cup of coffee at breakfast.
  • Squeezing acne leads to an increase in the healing time of inflammations. In addition, this way you “drive” the bacteria that caused the hated pimple, even deeper into the skin, passing infections, than you give life to another problem that will spring up as soon as the old one heals.
  • Stress is the cause of age spots and redness. Of course, it is impossible to avoid it, but you should try to reduce it. Are you one impudent acquaintance mad? Stop talking to him!
  • Sugar, like salt, is only useful in moderation. If salt dehydrates, then sugar affects the collagen, which makes the skin supple. So an excessive amount of sweets leads not only to overweight but also to sagging skin.
  • A sedentary lifestyle prevents blood from seething through the veins, which means that the skin does not get enough of it. So your choice: a lot of sport and a beautiful complexion, or sit with acne and a dull complexion.