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What is Propecia?

Propecia, brand name for Finasteride, is a medication quite used to treat loss of hair in men. Propecia will stop the natural conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In other words, it treats thinning of the hair. Please continue to read in order to find out more about Propecia.

When is Propecia used?

Men of almost all ages experience the thinning of hair on the scalp; such is referred to as male pattern hair loss. It causes the receding hairline and often balding on the top part of the head. Propecia is one of the best options to treat this condition. Propecia is not intended for women and children.

How to use Propecia?

Propecia (tablet form) can be taken with a glass of water. Try to take it at the same time every day in order to help remember. You can take Propecia with or without food. You should not take Propecia more than once per day. If you forget a dose please do not take to make things even by taking two. Never double your dosage.


Propecia is taken as a 1mg tablet. Most men take Propecia at least for three months (and sometimes longer) before seeing any results. This is a long-term treatment so please keep in mind that if you stop mid-process you will most likely lose the hair that you gained within a year of stopping.

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Buy Propecia With an Online Prescription

An online doctor consultation means filling out a medical questionnaire. A registered EU doctor assesses your medical questionnaire and analize whether Propecia is suitable and safe for you to buy. After approval, a prescription is issued and send to the registered EU pharmacy. You will receive your discretely shipped Propecia pills within 3 business days.

This test was based on a 24 months trial in men aged from 18 to 40 years with mild to moderate hair loss. The results of Propecia are quite impressive: 80% have retained their hair on the basis of its census (vs. 25% with placebo use). 66% benefit from a visual hair growth, noted by independent dermatologists (vs. 7% with placebo use). 80% had an improvement in hair growth, noted by clinical physicians (vs. 47% with placebo use). In sum, the majority of men noticed an increase in the amount of hair, a reduction in hair loss and a general improvement in their appearance.

Propecia (finasteride 1mg): a Q&A with a dermatologist Dr Dray

Propecia: benefits of buying

To buy Propecia means to receive the following benefits:

  • a unique opportunity to quickly solve your problems
  • the presence of a powerful dosage formula
  • easy and safe way to use
  • a minimum list of contraindications and side effects
  • possibility of prolonged use
  • compatibility with alcohol and fatty foods
  • convenient storage conditions for the product

Propecia: dosage form and composition

The remedy for baldness Propecia is implemented in the form of octagonal tablets. Each tablet is coated with a film coating that enhances the action of the active component. One of its sides is marked with the Propecia 1 brand name and the other with the inscription MRK 71. The tablets are contained in a small plastic bottle. The number of tablets in the vial varies depending on the duration of treatment.
The composition of Propecia includes the only active substance - Finasteride. Finasteride is a synthetic 5-alpha reductase inhibitor having a four-phase steroid compound. Its function is to convert the androgen of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Finasteride was first approved for use in the treatment of prostate hyperplasia in 1992 under the name Proscar. As part of Propecia Finasteride is in an amount of 1 mg.

Propecia: the effect of the drug and effectiveness

The action of the remedy for baldness in men varies and depends on the individual characteristics of the body. It has been proven that blocking the formation of DHT begins immediately after taking the medicine, but it takes some time for the hair to grow. Slowing down the process of dihydrotestosterone production affects the state of the follicles responsible for healthy hair growth. They receive the necessary amount of nutrients and have the ability to restore lost growth in the crown.
You can evaluate the effectiveness of Propecia after purchase in an online store based on the results of a three-month treatment. With an unplanned termination of treatment, a positive result will not be achieved. Moreover, there is a risk of losing previously restored hair over the next 12 months. To consolidate the result, a man is recommended to conduct a secondary course of treatment. If at the end of taking the tablets, the level of dihydrotestosterone rises again, you should consider the option of constantly taking the generic.

Indications for use

Before you buy a remedy for baldness Propecia, you must go through a consultation with a trichologist. Generic includes a powerful selective inhibitor, so it is taken strictly as directed by a doctor. The indication for treatment is the presence of androgenetic alopecia, a disease that is accompanied by permanent hair loss. 
Alopecia is a direct threat to the body, as it affects physiological processes and the psycho-emotional state. The reason for its occurrence is an excess of dihydrotestosterone - one of the main male hormones. The accumulation of dihydrotestosterone leads to a narrowing of the follicles, which are responsible for hair growth.
Propecia (the price in pharmacies is indicated for one package) is not intended for other forms of alopecia. The drug does not give a positive effect in the case of treatment of baldness, which was caused by a lack of vitamins and other substances in the male body.

Contraindications and side effects

The remedy for baldness for women is contraindicated. The treatment of baldness in young children and young children is not recommended. Before using a generic, it is necessary to exclude the fact of the presence of individual intolerance to Finasteride. This inhibitor is not able to interfere with the production of testosterone, therefore, in the case of hypersensitivity of the body to the active component, men can develop abnormalities in the reproductive system. Propecia can cause the following side effects:

  • decrease in sexual libido and attraction to a woman
  • decrease in seminal fluid quality
  • decrease in sperm movement speed
  • slow erection, the appearance of the first symptoms of impotence
  • the occurrence of an acute allergic reaction

The listed side effects were observed in 2-5% of cases. Upon termination of treatment, they passed. Generic intake affects test results. To avoid overdose, use the product in strictly prescribed dosages. If during the reception of Propecia you notice a deterioration in the quality of sexual life, consult a doctor.

Instructions for use

The minimum duration of treatment with Propecia is three months. If during this time the fact of hair growth has not been established, the drug should be discontinued. To achieve maximum results, the patient can conduct a second treatment course. The option of regular use of a generic is not excluded.
The recommended dosage of Propecia is one tablet in 24 hours. It is advisable to take the drug at the same time, regardless of food. Drink the tablets should be plenty of bottled water. If you missed taking the drug, you should continue treatment according to the standard schedule: do not drink a double dose of Finasteride at a time. This will not increase the rate of action of the active substance but may lead to an adverse reaction. Propecia is compatible with food whose fat content exceeds the standard level of 30%.

Alcohol compatibility

Propecia is compatible with alcohol in small quantities. Since the process of dihydrotestosterone production does not depend on ethanol consumption, a man is allowed to take up to 100 milligrams of strong alcohol per day during treatment. When prescribing a therapeutic course, the trichologist draws the patient's attention to the daily routine, as well as the diet. If you want to get a comprehensive result, as well as to avoid problems associated with low potency and erection, we recommend that you refrain from abuse of alcoholic beverages.

Terms and conditions of storage

The conditions and shelf life of Propecia are indicated in the instructions - read it before starting treatment. Generic must be stored in a dark and dry room, where moisture and ultraviolet rays do not penetrate. Beware of children getting pills in their hands. The temperature in the room should be between + 15- + 25 degrees. Do not store the product in the refrigerator. Before use, check the expiration date and integrity of the generic packaging. Consuming expired pills is strictly prohibited. If Propecia enters the child's body, immediately rinse with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. 

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