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Postpone menstruation

What is Postpone menstruation?

Menstruation doesn’t ask to come, it just arrives! However, sometimes it is not the best time for it and you just wish you could postpone it to enjoy a romantic weekend or some holidays. Now there is a solution you can postpone your menstruation after you talk to one of our doctors. We have several treatments available for you, all from many collaborating pharmacies.

These two products Primolut N and Norethisterone will help you to delay your period. Primolut N or Norethisterone are two medicines containing the same active ingredient norethisterone and they will postpone menstruation until you stop taking the tablets. Keep in mind that these are only suitable to women over 16 years that do not take contraceptive pills or use hormonal contraception. You can start these treatments around 3 days before the expected menstruation.

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Buy Primolut N and Norethisterone With an Online Prescription

An online doctor consultation means filling out a medical questionnaire. A registered EU doctor assesses your medical questionnaire and analize whether Primolut N or Norethisterone are suitable and safe for you to buy. After approval, a prescription is issued and send to the registered EU pharmacy. You will receive your discretely shipped Primolut N or Norethisterone pills within 3 business days.

Regular menstruation is a sign of the health of every woman, but sometimes the arrival of menstruation is undesirable. Is it possible to stop this physical process artificially? Is it safe for the body and what consequences can occur if menstruation is interrupted? This is how modern experts answer this question. MedicForum gathered advice on this difficult topic.

Is it worth it?

The body of a healthy woman works like a clock: each phase of the menstrual cycle begins after a certain period of time. The menstruation, follicular and ovulatory phase in each month lasts about the same number of days, and only the luteal phase lengthens, so menstruation in some women occurs after a different number of days. The lengthening of the menstruation cycle is facilitated by fatigue, hormonal disorders, a sharp decrease in weight and other factors. If the cycle is regular, menstruation can be delayed medically or without medication. But if the spot has already begun, it can only be done with the help of medications.

Doctors do not recommend doing this without special indications since artificial stopping of menstruation leads to hormonal failure and can provoke diseases already existing in the woman’s body. Therefore, a woman needs to think a hundred times before drinking pills to stop menstruation, especially if the spot has already begun. At this time, the cervical canal is dilated and blood clots remaining in the vagina become a source of pathogenic microflora, which provokes inflammatory processes. Yes, and artificial stopping of menstruation in the future leads to heavy bleeding, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs and hormonal disruptions. The main indicators for stopping menstruation are: heavy bleeding (it is necessary to change the pads in less than 2 hours); if menstruation is accompanied by dizziness, loss of consciousness, a sharp decrease in blood pressure; anemia; decreased blood coagulability; menstruation lasts more than 7 days; with injuries that increase bleeding. To stop bleeding, pills or injections of hemostatic drugs are prescribed. Here are the most popular ones:

Popular drugs to stop menstruation?

Menstruation is stopped with medications, contraceptives and alternative methods. Among the drugs are popular such as: Vikasol. Contains prothrombin, affecting blood coagulation and an artificial analogue of vitamin K. Dicinon. It is prescribed for severe blood loss. Tranexam. Blood coagulation drug. Dufaston. A synthetic analogue of progesterone. As auxiliary agents: vitamins, ascorbic acid, fortifying drugs. They are prescribed to improve the overall tone of the body. Vikasol. The daily dose is not more than 0.3 mg, 2-3 tablets are taken per day, the general course of treatment is 3-4 days. This drug is not prescribed for increased blood coagulability, after a heart attack and stroke, with thrombosis. It stops the onset of menstruation, is prescribed for long periods.

Side effects: heart rhythm disturbance; allergic rash; blood pressure differences; tachycardia; dizziness; jumps in blood pressure; the development of bronchospasm and the occurrence of suffocation; the drug stops the flow of menstrual blood, causing the appearance of edema, and if the blood decomposes, infection occurs. The effect of the application is observed after 2-3 days. As a drug that quickly stops bleeding, Vikasol is not used. Analogs of Vikasol: Vitamin K and Menadione. Dicinon.

Hemostatic tablets that normalize blood vessels in case of blood loss and contribute to an increase in blood viscosity. The course of treatment is from 5 to 14 days, the dosage is 1, 5 mg per day. The action begins in an hour and lasts 4-6 hours, but is completely excreted in 5-8 days. Dicinon is not prescribed for bleeding caused by drugs, lowering blood viscosity. Side effects: headache; nausea; dizziness; heartburn; lowering blood pressure.

Tranexam. A modern drug that increases blood coagulability. Activates plasminogen and its transformation into plasgin. The action is not only hemostatic, but also antitumor, disinfectant and antihistamine. It is prescribed 1 g 2-3 times a day for 4 days. The action begins after 3 hours and the drug remains in the body for 17 hours.

Contraindications: renal failure, allergic manifestations, thrombosis. Side effects: general weakness, drowsiness; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; tachycardia; rash, urticaria. Dufaston. It is taken 10 days before the onset of menstruation, after which the reception stops abruptly. Menstruation occurs 3 days after cessation of admission. These drugs are available only by prescription. Using them yourself is strongly discouraged. 

Birth control pills

They are used to delay and delay menstruation. Actions depend on the type of contraceptive. Three phases. Before the onset of menstruation, tablets are taken for 3-4 days, then the intake turns abruptly. After discontinuation of the drug, menstruation occurs;

Oral contraceptives. To prevent menstruation, pills are taken for 3-4 days, after which a break is made for a week. These include Yarina, Zhannin, Jes, and others; Mini saws. They are prescribed for lactation so that menstruation does not begin, their intake is prolonged. Another popular drug is Duphaston. Progesterone that stops menstruation. 2 tablets are prescribed 7 days before the expected menstruation. It is crushed within 5 days, then the reception is stopped. Menstruation occurs after 2 days. The appearance of brown discharge is associated with a sharp increase in the endometrium and is not a pathology. After it comes menstruation.

Pills or traditional remedies?

Among them are known methods such as taking tinctures of water pepper, consuming lemons, infusion of parsley. Folk remedies are considered safe and have a minimum of side effects. But in practice, they are not always effective and not able to stop menstruation. She stops with medications, contraceptives or ampoules in a hospital setting. Blood-stopping drugs are used to stop bleeding, for medical reasons, and contraceptives - to delay the onset of menstruation. Previously, scientists talked about the dangers of irregular periods.