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The importance of Melatonin

This is a hormone with a big role in signaling the body that it is time for rest and sleep. Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland, a structure in the brain. Being so, melatonin is indicated to treat insomnia and disturbed circadian rhythms. If you a difficult time to fall asleep or staying and waking up too early, then this is for you. Insomnia or a hard time falling asleep can be caused by several factors like lifestyle habits, jetlag, blindness, menopause, old age, or even some side effects from some medicines. On a final note, let us add that Melatonin is quite good to support the tapering process when coming off synthetic soporifics.

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Melatonin boom - is it worth taking magic pills?

The modern world is experiencing a real boom in melatonin. This hormone - a natural sleeping pill, antioxidant, and immunomodulator - is called the elixir of youth, beauty, and health, which can significantly improve the quality of human life. Clinical studies of melatonin have also shown its effectiveness in the treatment of a number of diseases - from coronary heart disease to stomach ulcers. What is this mysterious melatonin? What is the reason for such a wide spectrum of its action? What is the mechanism of melatonin? Do I need to take it and to whom? Is it safe? We will try to answer all these questions. For this Buy Melatonin UK to experience more.

Discovery of Melatonin

In 1917, British scientists K. McFord and F. Allen were engaged in feeding tadpoles to the pineal glands of animals, after which they discovered that the skin of the tadpoles was discolored. This scientific fact was recorded, but did not attract attention until 1953, until it caught the eye of Aaron Lerner, a dermatologist from Yale University, who was trying to solve the problem of vitiligo (spots on the skin) and somehow found an article during a literary search that those same experimenters from 1917 wrote.

The article reported that crushed epiphyses of cows placed in a jar with tadpoles within 30 minutes cause complete discoloration of the skin, which loses pigment and becomes so transparent that through it you can easily observe the work of their heart and intestines. There have been no other publications about this phenomenon since then.

Lerner began to study this issue and as a result discovered a hormone produced by the pineal gland (pineal gland), which he called melatonin and first described its calming effect on humans.

After this, the hormone became interested in the scientific community, and in the course of a number of studies, it was discovered its truly unique effect on the human body, which allowed the use of melatonin in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and seriously improved the quality of life of patients. Melatonin quickly became legendary, its research continues, and to this day, scientists discover its new, amazing and sometimes unexpected properties.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland and controls the course of our biological clocks, and therefore, of life. Our body has only 3 milligrams of this wonderful substance and its level in the blood is not constant - it is low during the day and high at night.

Melatonin lives in the dark. Melatonin production begins to grow at dusk, peaks from midnight to 4.00 in the morning and falls at dawn. When we fall asleep, melatonin gets to work - it restores, repairs and strengthens all our systems and organs is the most powerful natural immunomodulator and absorbs free radicals - unstable molecules that destroy our DNA, cells, tissues and contribute to the development of cancer and heart disease. Treat Insomnia sleeping disorders with Melatonin easily and have some healthy nights of sleep.

Melatonin protects us from stress and premature aging contributes to falling asleep and is responsible for our deep, calm and even sleep, bringing natural rest and recovery. With age, the production of melatonin in the body decreases, and this is a signal for all body systems that it is time to age.

Biological Clock Failure

Almost every second resident of the metropolis today has trouble sleeping. The downed regime of day and night is a problem for all modern citizens. People try to artificially lengthen their day by going to bed far after midnight, sitting up - some are on the TV, some are on the laptop, some are in the bar with friends, and some are at work. There is a huge group of people who consider this normal, calling themselves owls and think that such a lifestyle is consistent with their constitution and does no harm.

However, nightlife plays a trick on us! The thing is that spending waking hours producing melatonin, we do not let it be worked out and do our job - in the end, no matter how much we sleep later in the morning or afternoon, such a dream will not bring complete rest and recovery. Even if it seems to us that we had enough sleep, our organs and systems need help - they need melatonin, which we did not allow to develop at night.

Numerous studies conducted in different countries of the world have shown that the disturbed rhythm of the formation of melatonin significantly affects the quality of life, reduces its duration and eventually causes serious diseases. People who do not sleep at night (it is not so important whether they work on the night shift or spend time watching TV) are guaranteed to experience a chronic lack of melatonin. All study groups showed that nightlife leaders are 40-60% more likely than others to be at risk for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, atherosclerosis, and cancer. Artificial lengthening of daylight hours, unfortunately, leads to disruption of the work of all body systems, with all the dire consequences that follow from this.

Useful darkness

The production of melatonin is prevented not only by late falling asleep but also by an excess of lighting, while we sleep. So much so that scientists believe: it is the excessive illumination that shortens the lives of residents of big cities - and they even introduced the special term "light pollution".

For the full production of melatonin, you need to sleep with the curtains tightly closed, which prevent the penetration of light from the lamps into the window, do not use nightlights and try not to turn on bright light at night if you suddenly wake up and you need to get up for a short time. If you work at night and this cannot be avoided, make the lighting minimal.

Melatonin treatment

Of course, the described mechanism of action and the problem of the widespread failure of the biological clock led scientists to the idea that melatonin can and should be taken additionally. At the same time, melatonin is not considered a medical preparation, it is a biologically active supplement and is now recommended for small doses in case of any violations of the lifestyle, sleep, and many other abnormalities.

In this case, it is incorrect to consider melatonin simply sleeping pills. “The natural structure of sleep depends on melatonin, ”says Walter Pierpaoli, immunologist, author of the best-selling book “The Miracle of Melatonin.” adults have erotic dreams. It would be wrong to identify melatonin with sleeping pills: it has a completely different mechanism of action."

Melatonin preparations can not only regulate the quality of sleep, but also make up for the chronic lack of healthy sleep results - and all the accompanying effects in the form of well-being, restoration of organs and systems, and prevention of many diseases. We can say that treatment with melatonin is when you take a sleep in tablets.

But scientists today are not only interested in the preventive effect of the sleep hormone. "Today there is already convincing evidence to recommend melatonin for the treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, peptic ulcer disease. We introduced melatonin into the treatment regimen for hypertensive patients and core patients, and this allowed us to reduce the usual dose of drugs," says Semyon Rapoport, MD, professor of MMA named after I. Sechenov, Chairman of the Commission "Chronobiology and Chronomedicine" RAMS. - I really hope that soon it will go into wide clinical practice. "

Who needs to take melatonin?

It is always good to buy melatonin because anyone can use it. In general, melatonin is useful for all people over 35 years old. It is usually taken in courses of about 1-3 mg at night. Frequency of admission per week varies individually. For example, those suffering from insomnia are recommended to take melatonin more often 2-3 times a week.

It also makes sense to keep melatonin capsules handy if you have an emergency, and you have to work late in the day. So you get the right amount of the hormone, even if you didn’t sleep and ease the subsequent falling asleep - after all, overwork causes, including insomnia.

Melatonin is often also called a cure for travelers. With a sharp change of time zones, when it is morning on the internal biological clock, and in the city where we arrived it is already late at night and it's time to sleep, this hormone will gently transfer our hands to a new time.

The lack of melatonin also explains the age-related insomnia of the elderly, because the activity of the pineal gland decreases over the years. Therefore, it can be recommended to people aged as a dietary supplement, which will make sleep better and improve overall well-being.

"There are no side effects from seasonal intake in such small doses. Addiction does not develop, and the production of your own hormone does not decrease," says Semyon Rapoport.

However, few people have reported side effects such as headache, depression, and stomach discomfort.

Who should not take melatonin?

The drug is contraindicated for diabetics because it does not go well with antidiabetic drugs, pregnant and lactating women, children under 16 years of age, and is used with caution in severe depression. Several cases of melatonin allergy have been reported.

In addition, the drug is contraindicated in epilepsy, children under 12 years old, patients with autoimmune diseases and with leukemia.

The role of melatonin in the fight against cancer is being studied. There are some results, but the method has not been clinically proven, so exaggerating the properties of the hormone and placing unreasonable hopes on a new “cure for cancer” should not be done, scientists say.