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Finasteride (generic)

Explaining Finasteride

Finasteride is part of a group of medicines designated as 5-Alpha-reductase inhibitors. Finasteride, the active element will block the enzyme that affects the hair follicles in the scalp. Such will cause the hair loss to stop.

When should one take Finasteride?

This medicine is quite common against androgenetic alopecia. Such condition is connected to the sensitization of the hair follicles to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHA). When in contact with this substance, hair follicles shrivel, making hair thinner and falling. The sad part is that they do not grow back. With Finasteride you can fix this as it inhibits the effect of dihydrotestosterone, stopping the hair loss and allowing new hair to grow. Doctors usually prescribe finasteride 1 mg and the results do show.

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Finasteride: an effective remedy for hair loss

As you know, hair loss in men is associated with the production of male hormones - androgens. The main hormone from the androgen group is testosterone. Androgens support the formation of typical male signs: they stimulate the growth of muscle bones, as well as hair on the head and body. But sometimes androgens have a negative effect on the growth of hair on the head in men. In the skin cells in the crown of the head and forehead, testosterone is exposed to an enzyme that turns testosterone into a different kind of hormone. It is this hormone that inhibits hair growth.

Finasteride Against Hair Loss

The drug blocks the work of this hormone, reducing its concentration by 70% (after taking 1 mg of the drug). It should be noted that Finasteride does not eliminate the root causes of androgenetic alopecia, but only blocks the negative effect of hormones. That is why, after taking the drug, new hair may fall out throughout the year.

If a man wants to keep his hair, he will need to take Finasteride constantly. The medicine begins to block the action of hormones almost immediately after taking it. But in order to grow new hair, you need time. Keep in mind that healthy hair can grow by 1 centimeter per month, so visible improvements can only be seen after six months. In rare cases, men noted an improvement in their hair growth after 3 months of treatment. If the drug did not give positive results after a year of treatment, its further administration is impractical. In this case, treatment should be discontinued and Finasteride replaced with another medication.

Studies have shown that taking medication gave positive results in 85% of men. At the same time, half the men grew new hair within six months. Hair grew better on the crown of the head.

When can I see the results

The first signs of hair regrowth after taking Finasteride can be seen several months after the start of treatment. Please note that at first, new hairs may be thin and colorless, but over time they will become thicker and darker.

The final results you can see only after a year of regular use of medicine. And the maximum effect will be visible after 2 years of treatment.

Studies and patient reviews showed that:

  • This is one of the safest and most effective means to combat male pattern baldness.
  • The substance not only stops hair loss but also improves their condition.
  • A decrease in sexual desire was observed in only 3% of men. But all side effects disappear after the end of taking Finasteride. 

But it is impossible to unequivocally affirm that these side effects are associated with the drug itself since patient reviews indicate the following:

  • Side effects disappeared in 60% of men, even after they continued to drink the medicine.
  • When the research was conducted in the group that took the “dummies,” the side effects were manifested in much the same way. 

Principle of action of Finasteride (Finasteride)

Before describing the principle of action of Finasteride and Proscar 5 mg in particular, it is necessary to understand the features and causes of hair loss. Alopecia (as scientifically called hair loss) can be of several types: androgenetic, diffuse and focal. Androgenetic alopecia among men accounts for about 95% of cases, so it is highly likely that your baldness is precisely androgenetic in nature. The causes of such baldness are a genetic predisposition in which the active form of testosterone dihydrotestosterone damages the hair follicles.

The medicinal effect of Finasteride is based on the suppression of type 5 alpha-reductase, which provides the conversion of regular testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Due to this, after taking Finasteride, the content of dihydrotestosterone in the blood decreases, the pathological effect on the hair follicles is neutralized, and your strands return their former density. But, it is important to note that this substance has a rather large list of contraindications, so before buying Finasteride, be sure to consult a specialist.

3 main reasons to buy finasteride

Based on various studies, results, and testimonials, we can that there are three main reasons why you should buy finasteride-

1. High performance

Among all anti-baldness medicines, only Finasteride and Minoxidil have undergone laboratory tests and are officially recognized as effective.

2. Low price

The course of Finasteride is the most beneficial solution compared to any treatment for androgenetic alopecia. For example, a hair transplant will cost you 180 thousand rubles, and a monthly course of Minoxidil - at least 6. That is, you will spend at least twice as much as if you decided to buy Finasteride.

3. Ease of use

To get the best effect from the treatment, you will need to drink only one tablet of Finasteride per day (at any time, regardless of nutrition). With the same Minoxidil, everything is much more complicated: it is necessary twice a day in the morning and in the evening, apply the substance to the scalp, rub it, then wash your hands and comb your hair.

Features of the drug Proscar 5 mg

Proscar 5 mg is a new Finasteride-based drug from Fortune Health Care, an Indian company. A unique feature of Proscar 5 mg is a modern, modified formula, in which areas that affect the digestibility of the drug are improved. Thanks to this refinement, the likelihood of inappropriate exposure to the drug and the manifestation of side effects decreased. Therefore, buy Proscar 5 mg will be the right decision for those men who want to get rid of bald patches with minimal risk to health.