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What is Champix?

Champix is the trade name for Varenicline, a drug that helps smokers to quit. By mimicking the physical effects of nicotine, it reduces the will to smoke at the same time that relieves the awful distressing withdrawal symptoms. Continue to read to get more information about this popular medication. This is often used together with counseling support and behavior modification to help people quit smoking.

When is Champix used?

Just take Champix (tablet form) daily for seven days prior to the day you have set as the day you stop smoking. The main goal here is to get your body to get used to the medication by the time you quit smoking and move on to the tablets exclusively. Please keep in mind that it is vital to have the will to stop in order for Champix to assist you. That way, you can reduce the physical dependency of the tobacco and move to a harmless alternative to later be removed as well. If you do not have a quit date before you start taking the Champix before, you may go ahead and take it and then pick a date between eight and 35 days later.

How to use Champix?

Take this tablet twice a day with water. Take it after eating (after breakfast and dinner). Once you have reached the quit date, keep taking them for 11 weeks. Please keep in mind that Champix is a prescription-only medicine and you cannot buy it at a chemist. Most individuals find this treatment enough to quit smoking. Nevertheless, some people require further treatment. If this comes to be your case, talk to your doctor as he will review your situation.


The common dose is a 0.5mg tablet per day for the first three days. The dosage repeats itself twice a day during the next four days (first week). At this point, after you have reached your quit date, you start taking 1mg twice each day for 11 weeks. Being so, the complete treatment is usually 12 weeks.

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Buy Champix With an Online Prescription

An online doctor consultation means filling out a medical questionnaire. A registered EU doctor assesses your medical questionnaire and analize whether Champix is suitable and safe for you to buy. After approval, a prescription is issued and send to the registered EU pharmacy. You will receive your discretely shipped Champix pills within 3 business days.

Champix Smoking Pills

Lack of understanding of the essence of nicotine addiction and numerous attempts to quit smoking lead to the fact that people begin to believe anyone, especially when it comes to doctors. People in white coats offer a ton of options to help smokers: plasters and chewing gum, pills and inhalers, needles, etc.

in January 2018, a study was published by Tel Aviv University on the effectiveness of nicotine replacement therapy. Among 28 thousand participants in the study, only 20% did not smoke after a year after undergoing therapy. However, due to the fact that this technique is officially recognized by WHO, ever new drugs are constantly appearing, the manufacturers of which claim that this tool will definitely help quit smoking. And today we want to talk about one of them - the medicine “Champix”, or Champix (in the USA - “Chantix”).

Champix is ​​a common smoking cure

The active substance in Champix is varenicline. It was first synthesized in 2006 in the United States under the leadership of Jotem Coe, specializing in the treatment of depression, schizophrenia, and addiction. The basis of the development was a modified cytisine molecule (part of Cyperkuten, Tabex, Cytitone).

The function of varenicline is to bind to neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and stimulate them. This stimulation is similar to nicotine but to a lesser extent. Varenicline has a greater relationship with these receptors than nicotine, so it blocks its action. In other words, the smoker no longer receives the usual “pleasure” from cigarettes. In the WHO recommendations for the treatment of tobacco dependence, varenicline is assigned to the 1st group of drugs, which are recommended for use in the first place with the pharmacological method of treatment of nicotine addiction.

Application features

Take Champix, as well as other similar medicines, it is necessary according to a certain scheme. The manufacturer claims that in this way the best effect of varenicline on the body is achieved. The main feature of taking this drug can be called that before taking the person should choose the estimated date of cessation of smoking and start taking 1–2 weeks before this date. The total duration of taking Champix is ​​12 weeks. However, this duration of varenicline is not always sufficient, therefore, the administration can be continued for another 12 weeks.

The manufacturer recommends gradually increasing the dosage of the drug. The first 3 days you need to take a total of 500 mcg once a day. The next 4 days, varenicline is taken in the same dosage, but already 2 times a day. From day 8 until the end of treatment, the dosage is increased - now it should be 1 μg 2 times a day. In the same dosage, Champix should be taken for the second 12 weeks in order to consolidate the effect of quitting smoking.

The main side effect that occurs in 25% of cases is nausea. In second place are insomnia and strange dreams at the same time - 12%. Also, while taking varenicline, note:

  • decreased mood, irritability;
  • the emergence of feelings of anger and anxiety;
  • the impaired concentration of attention;
  • increased appetite and, as a consequence, an increase in body weight.

All these effects occur in most cases at the initial stage of taking Champix. This can be explained by the "addiction" of the body to varenicline. This is partly why the dosage regimen prescribes a gradual increase in dosage.

According to the company’s description, Champix’s effectiveness is about 30% (only in conjunction with a visit to a psychologist).

Two reasons not to take Champix tablets

First reason

Every day we observe the emergence of "new effective drugs", and people are in a hurry to quickly purchase and test them on themselves. At the same time, they are not worried about possible side effects, complications and consequences of taking them. They do not even try to figure out at an elementary level what they are offered to buy and what exactly the manufacturers of such products promise.

Analgesics can be an illustration of this situation (for example, Tramadol, which, as previously stated, is not addictive, but even today, narcologists are still shocked by the consequences this drug caused in people).

As for antidepressants, the complications of taking Valium and Lidium are already known. And the Coaxial drug made not only narcologists horrified but the whole world. Enumerate this list indefinitely.

If you have an education in the field of medicine, then you have an idea about cholinergic and other systems, their relationship, as well as the effect that occurs when exposed to a particular receptor. And that makes it scary. And not only for smokers who use these drugs to quit smoking.

In principle, people should be wary of drugs that are positioned as smoking pills and have a number of side effects. Unfortunately, in Russian, there is little information about such drugs. There is only the data provided by manufacturers and sellers of these funds.

But even from the instructions for Champix, you can find out about the side effects of these pills from smoking. In addition to “harmless” nausea, diarrhea and dizziness, smokers taking this remedy may also experience manifestations such as strange dreams, depression, and suicidal moods. Also in December 2017, Canadian researchers published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine a study on the relationship of varenicline with a 34% increase in the frequency of hospitalizations and medical visits for symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease.

Another study, EAGLES (an assessment of adverse events in the global study on smoking cessation), conducted in 16 countries and 140 centers with more than 8000 participants, showed the special effect of Champix on a person’s mental state. So, the possibility of serious neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients trying to quit smoking with the help of this drug was revealed. This is especially true for people who already have mental disorders in the history of the disease - for example, depression, post-traumatic conditions, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.

Few have heard of the American organization Food and Drug Administration. It can be said the US Department of Health, abbreviated FDA. Its main task is to control the quality of food and pharmaceutical products. And today, disputes constantly arise between the world's largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer and the specialists of this organization. So, the FDA constantly requires Pfizer to indicate in its instructions to Champix all its likely contraindications, side effects and consequences, which greatly impedes the promotion of this medicine on the market.

Champix smoking cessation is currently sold worldwide, including the United States. The BBC channel conducted its investigation and tried to figure out whether this is really so.

The second reason

Like any drug addiction, smoking has two aspects, one of which is psychological dependence. It is she who forces people to reach for a cigarette again. Just think:

  • Why do women start smoking again after 9 months of abstinence from cigarettes and having a baby?
  • Why are there people who might not touch cigarettes for weeks?

Just for the reason that this dependence is not physical, but psychological.

If the problem consisted only in the interaction of nicotine with acetylcholine receptors, then all nicotine replacement drugs would work flawlessly: chewing gum, patches, drugs like Tabex. However, reviews show that the success rate of Tabex or patches and other smoking drugs is only 5-14% per year.

It is curious that the company Pfizer itself (manufacturer of Champix), when describing the clinical studies of its drug, indicates the importance of the psychological attitude of the person who quits smoking. The document, available by reference (in English), states that smoking cessation therapy will be more effective if a person is motivated to quit an addiction. To this end, he is advised to provide appropriate materials and provide psychological support. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation also points to the need to combine drug therapy with psychological work on motivation to get rid of addiction.

But back to the study of Pfizer. There, in the 14th paragraph, a description of the clinical trials of Champix, proving its effectiveness, is given. And here it is important that all dropouts during the study received weekly consultations. That is, in fact, they worked on their psychological dependence. It is possible that the success of the drug was not due at all to its chemical effect, but to the fact that people themselves simply decided to quit smoking. Also, one cannot ignore the fact that the study was carried out by the manufacturing company itself, which is interested in its success.

Then how to quit smoking?

We declare with confidence that it is very easy! Fortunately, although nicotine is a drug, it is very light. And weaning from it occurs almost imperceptibly. But only on the condition that you have no desire to smoke, which no pills can eliminate. Only in this case, you will not face depression and emotional stress, there will be no need to take antidepressants or other drugs.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!