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Information about Anti-Aging

The fall in sex hormone production is much more gradual in men than in women. In men it develops over decades. In this period mental and physical changes can occur, although these can be quite subtle and easily missed. Being so, the popular term 'male menopause', or andropause, is probably not accurate. Specialists prefer to the term PADAM (partial androgen deficiency of the ageing male). The production of Testosterone falls gradually and progressively from the 40s onwards. However, other hormones are also affected; this includes the GH (growth hormone), insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), parathyroid hormone and the melanocyte-stimulating hormone. The significance of such changes is not well understood just yet. There are several symptoms to PADAM, making it a hard condition to diagnose. They may include problems with: Nervous system and circulation: hot flushes, sweating, insomnia, uneasiness. Mood and cognitive function: irritability and tiredness, lack of well-being and motivation, poor mental energy, issues with short-term memory, depression and low self-esteem. Masculinity and virility: less vigor, physical energy and muscle strength. Sexuality: decreased interest in sex and thus sexual activity, weak erections, poor quality of orgasm, reduced volume of ejaculated fluid. Physical features: diminished muscle mass, loss of body hair and abdominal obesity.

Types of wrinkles and how to defeat them?

Over time, our skin becomes less elastic, and where more recently smooth skin was, wrinkles appear - small facial expressions and deeper ones. Where do they come from? We present you a classification of wrinkles and their location, as well as tips on how to defeat them.

Wrinkles due to dehydration

Where they appear: in the forehead

Why they appear: our body is 50–75% water, which ensures the proper functioning of all body systems, including the skin. With a lack of moisture, the skin loses its ability to regenerate and is not able to create new cells with the same effectiveness. This leads to the formation of wrinkles. The level of the natural content of hyaluronic acid in the layers of the skin in the future may further decrease due to dehydration.

Facial wrinkles

Where they appear: around the mouth (nasolabial folds), the eye (crow's feet), and between the eyebrows.

Why they appear: the habit of smiling, squinting or frowning eyebrows - in a word, any repeated contractions of the facial muscles can lead to wrinkles. This becomes especially noticeable with age when the skin loses elasticity.


Where they appear: around the eyes, mouth, and forehead. And although compared with other types of wrinkles, they are less noticeable, no woman will be glad to see them!

Why they appear: with age, the skin becomes less elastic due to a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, and small wrinkles appear on its surface.

Wrinkles after sleep

Where they appear: in the decollete, on the sides, on the cheeks.

Why they appear: wrinkles can appear not only on the face but on the whole body. Having a deficiency of collagen and elastin, the skin is not able to recover if you slept on your side or with your face buried in a pillow.

A secret weapon against every type of wrinkle

Properly selected regular anti-aging care can be your personal secret weapon against every type of wrinkle. It will help slow down the aging process of the skin, as well as make existing wrinkles less noticeable.

Studies have shown that skin density and firmness weaken during the day, making wrinkles more visible by evening. Liftactiv Supreme cream has a targeted effect on the formation of wrinkles throughout the day.

Expert Advice: Apply Liftactiv Supreme Cream to your face and neck twice a day. After just 7 days of regular use, wrinkles become less noticeable and the skin looks younger.

5 facts about aging skin during the day

Scientists have explored the phenomenon of “aging facial skin during the day.” What happens to the skin while we work, cook dinner, play with children or play sports? And is it possible to prevent this premature aging?

What is skin aging throughout the day?

50% of women complain that by the end of the day they look older than in the morning. There is also clinical evidence for this theory. Aureli Tripe, Director of Scientific Communication, explains that “the biological mechanisms of the skin work 24 hours” in accordance with the so-called circadian rhythms. Tests show that mature skin requires 5 times more time (30 hours) for self-renewal than young skin (6 hours). These data mean that with age, the skin does not have time to recover within 24 hours. The difference between the state of the skin in the morning and evening is called "aging of the skin during the day."

How can this process be measured scientifically?

For this, Lab specialists took three factors as a basis: self-perception, external evaluation, and clinical data.

The study participants answered questions about the signs of age-related changes in their skin that they observe. Then scientists conducted a study of the biological deterioration of the skin during the day. The results confirmed the initial hypothesis: the skin, especially mature, during the day acquires signs of age-related changes.

How is it shown?

The signs of aging that occur during the day and the intensity of their manifestations may vary depending on the individual characteristics of each of us. The study revealed the most common of them: redness of the skin, dull complexion, wrinkles that appear in the evening. Owners of sensitive skin can also notice a feeling of tightness and dehydration, as well as the fact that by the end of the day, skin imperfections become more noticeable.

Is aging during the day associated with age-related skin changes?

Yes, these two processes are closely interconnected. Skin aging throughout the day suggests that your skin will undergo age-related changes soon. Having noticed these signs, you can take a set of measures in time to prevent the onset of permanent signs of skin aging.

How to deal with skin aging throughout the day?

The Liftactiv Supreme product line has been developed specifically to combat this phenomenon. Its products act on the skin throughout the day. For example, the new Liftactiv Supreme Serum 10 serum contains a high concentration of powerful anti-aging ingredients that help maintain smoothness, freshness, and radiance of the skin, regardless of the time of day.

How to choose the perfect anti-aging face cream.

Every day throughout our lives we face different situations: pleasant ones make us laugh, and sad ones make us cry. By a certain age, each such event leaves a mark on our face. Someone is trying to restrain their emotions so as not to harm their skin once again, but to be honest, few people succeed. A much more effective remedy is proper care, which corrects the signs of aging at different stages of their formation. To everyone who is still actively searching, we will tell you how to choose the very cream that is right for you.

Starting to care for the skin at the stage of the first signs of aging, you can at least a little control this process. Prevention is better than cure, and early care is easier than fixing serious age-related changes. But remember that over time, your skin's needs will change. Therefore, you should not use funds from the 50+ line at the age of 30 “for prevention”, and on the eve of the 60th anniversary, buy a cream to combat the first signs of aging. One thing: regardless of how old you are now, it is important to give your skin maximum care that will prolong its youth.

So, there are still no deep wrinkles on your face, as well as obvious defects such as severe pigmentation or arising vessels. But the creases in the nasolabial area are no longer smoothed instantly, and in the reflection, in the mirror, you notice that the complexion becomes less even. A specially selected concentration of active antioxidants such as Baicalin in combination with vitamins C and E helps to neutralize the oxidation processes in the skin. To reduce sensitivity, and increase resistance to aggressive environmental influences, the probiotic Bifidus was also added to the composition, which restores the skin's natural protective functions. We must not forget about the main ingredient of each product - mineralizing thermal water with 15 minerals, to restore the pH balance and strengthen the intercellular bonds in the skin. Well, the UV protection filter SPF 25 will save your skin from harmful sunlight. This anti-aging face cream moisturizes and protects the skin, makes it glow and slows down the development of signs of aging.

Of course, if you notice more serious and obvious signals of the aging process of the face, then you need to choose a different care system. The Laboratories has developed a special line of products for mature skin called Liftactiv. According to the results of laboratory studies involving hundreds of women, this anti-wrinkle cream was recognized as one of the best anti-aging creams. Its main feature is the innovative 3D-optical correction technology, due to which there is a visible alignment of the skin microrelief. Filling the skin with natural radiance and visibly reducing wrinkles, Liftactiv Supreme emphasizes its natural beauty. Its active ingredients speak for themselves: mineralized thermal water of volcanic origin, with tonic, firming and regenerating properties, Day Proof complex with caffeine and adenosine to stimulate the metabolism in tissues, and rhamnose with its powerful anti-aging properties, enhanced by the antioxidant neohesperidin. This cream was a real breakthrough, after all, this is the first care with a biological effect for the ongoing correction of signs of aging: instantly, throughout the day and day after day. With regular use, you will notice that the skin has become more toned, wrinkles are noticeably smoothed out, and the complexion has become more healthy and radiant.

Above, we examined creams that will help your skin fight the signs of aging by activating the body's natural processes. But during the menopause, when the hormonal background changes, work on the problem will have to be done in a new way. For almost 15 years, the laboratories have been studying the problem of skin aging in the menopausal period. The results of these studies gave women all over the world the first anti-aging cream that prevents the slowdown of natural skin regeneration processes. Neovadiol - as French dermatologists have called a revolutionary line of products that will fill the skin with youth. A cocktail of useful components called a “compensating complex” contains an unprecedented concentration of active substances: Pro-Xylan to activate the production of skin's own collagen and restore each layer of it, Hepes and Hydrovance accelerate cell renewal, and hyaluronic acid intensely moisturizes the skin, reducing visible wrinkles. With regular use on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, the effect will not take long: the skin will become denser and radiant, wrinkles will noticeably smooth, and the oval of the face will gain a clear outline.